vpl_1138Pianist Nikita Galaktionov is 21 years old. He graduated from Central Music School of Tchaikovsky`s Moscow State Conservatory, where he studied under professor Arkadii Sevidov, a laureate of the 4th International Tchaikovsky Competition; Nikita is under Sevidov’s tutelage today.

      At the age of thirteen, while competing against eighteen-year-olds, Nikita placed first at an international competition in Corato, Italy. After that win, he has refused to participate in music competitions as a matter of principle.

      Making his debut at eight years of age at a concert hall in Moscow International House of Music — the main philharmonic stage of Russia’s capital — while being accompanied by the Russian National Philharmonic Orchestra (art-director Vladimir Spivakov), Nikita performed Mozarts Concerto No. 8.

      In May 2016, in response to the invitation of the Presidential Orchestra of Russian Federation, Nikita performed Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in The Hall of the Order of St. George in the Grand Kremlin Palace. The same venue is being used by V.V. Putin to accept Letters of Credence from foreign ambassadors and present government awards.

      Nikita Galaktionov is the first Russian musician who made a music video based on the most famous composition by Ferenz Liszt — Liebestraume  “Dreams of Love” (https://youtu.be/3UeORcGPpEM) . Nikita performed in the video as a pianist and as an actor. Nikita’s teacher Arkadi Sevidov also took part in the creation of the video. This clip has prompted heated debates. It has been viewed over half a million times on the popular forum devoted to classic music — forumklassika.ru .

      One of Nikita’s favorite composers is Anton Rubinstein — the founder of classical music education in Russia, prodigy pianist, composer, conductor and educator. He is credited with conceiving the idea of international music competitions. Nikita performed the Fourth Concerto for Piano and Orchestra by Anton Rubinstein in February, 2015, and received a standing ovation from more than fifteen hundred listeners in the Moscow International House of Music (https://youtu.be/zv3JdWQew6w).

      The best compositions by Rubinstein have become an essential part of Nikita’s solo repertoire, which he performed in Rome, Prague, Vienna, Vilnius, Tallinn, Milan and in some Russian cities. Those compositions were included into Nikita’s first CD called “The Best” along with piano masterpieces by Mily Balakirev, Alexander Scriabin, Sergei Prokofiev, and a student of Rubinstein — Petr Tchaikovsky. The same compositions will be performed on December 3rd in Carnegie Hall. Nikita’s first appearance at this famed venue took place last December while participating in American Fine Arts Festival (AFAF) to which he was invited by the organizers as a special guest. His performance was marked by the “Certificate of Excellence” and high praise by American music critics:

 «…We also heard a guest artist from Russia—Nikita Galaktionov—who
polished off a pair of Etudes by Scriabin and won our heart with
Prelude #2 by Gershwin, filling it with jazzy


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